Deadly Vendetta

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Deadly Vendetta

Gripped with fear and confusion as his paralegal takes her last breath in his arms, Jonathan vows to avenge her savage death…or die trying.

With a successful career as an attorney living in Portland, Oregon, Jonathan’s life is about to take a turn that nobody could have predicted, especially him. An adventure seeker, he loves his life until a chain of events leaves him reeling and wondering if life as he knows it is on the brink of collapsing. Leaving him hanging in the balance between mayhem and bliss, will he be able to regain his sanity before he’s hurled into the point of no return?

Fearing for his life and those close to him, Jonathan finds himself in the crosshairs of someone with their own agenda. Someone determined to turn his life into a living nightmare. But why?

Twenty years after Just Jonathan, we find Jonathan Elliott again plagued with nightmares. Still haunted by his past, which he had long since buried, can he overcome his demons and find the love and acceptance he craves to fill a void in his life? Or will he be too late and see his world crashing down around him?

Praise & Reviews

“As much as my heart was breaking for Jonathan I found myself anxiously awaiting to see what kind of devastation was lurking around the corner… and more often than not I didn’t have to wait long because this is a fast-paced, action packed mystery.”
— Blushing Bibliophile

Deadly Vendetta by the incomparable author Donna Scuvotti is a heart pounding gut wrenching thriller that left me often with palpitations and cried out swollen eyes. I referred to Just Jonathan as a chiller with heart but Deadly Vendetta is a thriller with heart break filled with tears of hope.”
— Linda McCutcheon, Vine Voice