About Me

Donna Scuvotti is the author of suspense murder mysteries.  She lives in the Bay Area with her husband and other family members close by, which include her two amazing grandchildren.

She is active in various animal rescue organizations and is a lover of all things furry with four legs, preferably the domesticated type, owning three, very active dogs and a noisy, persnickety cat.

She has always had a passion for reading, that turned into a passion for writing, where she’s not afraid to experiment with traditional fiction form in her new novel, JUST JONATHAN.  She enjoys writing curled in a corner of her couch while her dogs nap and snore while the windows rattle in their frames. 

If not at home writing, you can find her at her happy place, the beach, watching the waves crash against the shoreline and breathing in  the misty, salty air, all while wondering what adventure awaits Jonathan in her next novel due out soon.

“Ms. Scuvotti has deep insights into the human condition, where she has a special way of seeing and framing ideas.”
— Frank Kresen, Editor